For more than fifteen years as a researcher, I’ve studied people’s experiences and contexts, questioned deeply held assumptions, and synthesized insights into strategies that inspire services, designs, culture change, and innovation.

I’m a cultural anthropologist and a human-centered researcher that delivers meaning-rich, empathetic, and deeply contextual findings. I challenge conventional thinking and provide answers to complex inquiries about people and their relational worlds.

I’ve conducted and supervised over 30 research and development projects in diverse sociocultural and technological settings. For example, I’ve facilitated drip irrigation design research with farmers in Africa, consulted on sustainable development projects, studied the cultural and ecological basis of infanticide in Ghana, and observed American physician and patient experiences with digital technologies in the clinic. I’ve lived and worked throughout the U.S., Canada, West Africa, and Australia.

My topical expertise falls within the areas of international development and global health; design research; risk, policy, market and user research; critical analysis and strategy; and, mental health services research.

In addition to executing all aspects of research design, data collection, and analysis, I specialize in:

•A range of qualitative, mixed, and ethnographic methods
•International and cross-cultural projects in difficult to access communities
•International development, global health, and humanitarian engineering
•Program evaluation
•Sensitive, difficult, and ambiguous topics
•Theoretically grounded, nimble analysis and sensemaking that uncovers patterns and assumptions. In this, critical analysis and challenging conventions are central
•Cultural psychodynamics and other approaches that capture the implicit and unspoken, people’s perceptions, emotions, and experiences, and what is most at stake in people’s lives
•Mentoring and project leadership
•Design, systems, and critical thinking
•Writing and editing (technical, storytelling, proposal, and ethnographic)
•Participatory research. Community-based projects.
•Translation of findings into actionable plans that can advance the human experience and inform design, health, or strategic goals

IMG_2614I am available to offer research or expert witness services on infanticide, culture and health, child and maternal maltreatment, and child rights issues.

Contact me if you are interested. I’m happy to chat and provide recommendations.